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Transcript Requests

Initial Transcripts

For any electronic delivery transcripts, Counselors will be sending out initial transcripts prior to a student’s deadline. Please email your counselor if you have added any colleges to your list after your 1:1 meeting to ensure they are aware of the addition and deadline.

Mid-year Transcripts

If one or more of your colleges requires a mid-year report, please complete this Google form by Friday, January 20, 2023. If you request a mid-year report after this date, you must email your counselor directly. A mid-year report is a form submitted by your counselor indicating your academic progress for the first half of your senior year. Along with the mid-year report, your counselor will submit a mid-year transcript.

In order to determine whether your college(s) require a mid-year report, you can check the application requirements on each of your college’s admission websites. For Common Application colleges, you can check by looking at the “My Colleges” page on your Common App account, and then viewing the “recommendation requirements.” See the screenshot for an example.

Note: UC, CSU, and community colleges do not require a mid year report unless a campus contacts you specifically to request one.

Counselors will send mid-year reports in late January. Please contact Ms. Fitts at afitts@opusd.org with any questions.

Other Transcripts

For any other transcript requests (Alumni, Snail Mail, Summer Program, etc.) please refer to this link for the process.

Dual Enrollment

College and Career Center

For more guidance in the college journey and career explorations, check out the College and Career Center in Room C-6 next to the student store.

Resources to Support Students with Disabilities