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Schedule Change Requests

Caity Katz

Caity Katz

Aug 06, 2022

The schedule change window is now open. Students may request a schedule change by filling on a Schedule Change Request Form, which can be found in the main office. Counselors will not make any schedule change via email.

If your schedule change involves the following reasons: teacher change, change of period because you want a free period, because want to switch periods to be with a friend, or because you want to take a different class, please do not fill out a schedule change form. Those requests will not be processed. There are a lot of courses that are currently on a waiting list, so if you see a class on the master schedule, that does not mean it is open.

Please check back here for an updated list of courses currently on a wait list.

Please note, schedule changes are final! If a counselor makes a change to your schedule per your request, your schedule will stay as is and you may not switch it back to the schedule or class you had before the change.

Counselors are currently processing hundreds of requests, please be patient as we work through requests as fast as we can. Please do not keep filling out a request for the same change. Please do not email us with the same request. As we work through these requests, our response time in person and via email will be slightly delayed, as the quantity of emails, requests, phone calls, and drop-ins are high. We will respond as fast as we possibly can.

The deadline to submit any schedule change requests is Monday, August 22nd. Schedule change requests will not be accepted after that date. If you feel strongly about dropping a course after the deadline, a Withdraw will be reflected on your transcript with the course, which colleges will be able to see.

If you have any questions, please email your counselor. Thank you for your patience and understanding!